doing better together

Relocate the Profit is a global initiative, with two main goals

To change the culture within our industries

To change peoples lives

We wanted to create an initiative where all RMC’S, DSP’s, household goods shippers, immigration offices, tax service providers, and every other company related to the job we all love so much, join hands and instead of being on opposite sides, be on the same side and work together as a team.

We wanted to find a way to contribute to a better world where we can, and change the lives of others.

How do we do we achieve this?

For each invoice, the members of the initiative will donate 1euro/GBP to the charity.

The charity that we are currently donating to is Livingstone Tanzania Trust.


Education is recognized as the best tool to beat poverty and create stronger and more equal communities, yet for many communities there are many hurdles that prevent young people can access it.

Through their work as an education charity in Tanzania, they have learnt to recognize the interdependency of education with nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene and poverty and as such we have three programme areas designed to overcome these obstacles: Education; WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene); and Livelihoods. Through these programmes the barriers to accessing a quality education are being removed.